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Our Story
We are an eclectic bunch of food entrepreneurs, technologists, hospitality experts unified by passion for food. Fed up with how delivery companies treat everyone we decided to build our own.
Delivery that works
We designed the company such that everyone can be happy - restaurants, drivers and consumers all benefit from FullKitchen. We are no charity, we are just doing it smarter than our competitors.
Driving real sales
Our goal is to drive more sales for you without jeopardizing your existing business. We achieve that by a combination of pre-ordering and delivering the food outside of your current service area.
Not your average delivery company
We actually bring you NEW customers
Our technology to keep the food fresh during the delivery allows us to drive the food far enough to get customers outside of your service area. That means we will never threaten your existing revenue by squeezing your margins. Plus you get all these new fans from outside your area!>
Customers pre-order so you can prepare the food in off hours
We know you are slammed during your peak hours, so we created a way for consumers to pre-order the food similarly to catering. Of course this means your operations are more effective and we are happy to pass on the saving to the consumer so they can get even more used to ordering great food at affordable prices from you!>
No customization means you can cook in bulk
Customers can only order from a small fixed menu of your best sellers with little customization. This means you can cook in large batches optimizing for speed and value. This is a revolutionary way to think about your cooking operation. Your margins are better so we can pass the savings onto the customers.>
You do the cooking we take care of the rest
We don't just source the customers for you but we take care of the customer care too. We will manage the relationship through good and bad so you can focus on your unique strength -efficiently producing amazing food day in and day out.>
Extra revenue towards your fixed cost
Paying for latent real estate and labor? No more! FullKitchen is a great way to turn that extra cost into some extra revenue. You have all the tools to make more food, so keep doing it throughout the day! Finally a solution that doesn't just add to that crazy line at your restaurant at peak hours.>
"A risk free way to grow your revenue."
"Delivery that works from a partner you can trust"
"Can't think of a reason to say no"
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